Uruguay Virtual Mission Trip

When: September 23-27, 2020
Cost: Free

Join the adventure as we build church #1 of 100...from the safety and comfort of your own home!
Easily mobilize a team to Brussels, Belgium today!

Ensure that students across Europe are no longer turned away from quality theological education at CTS due to lack of space! 
Build hope

Have you dreamed of going on a mission trip, 
but have not been physically able? This is your chance!

Although it’s not possible to physically go on a mission trip right now…YOU CAN JOIN an incredible virtual mission trip and experience the work live, on a five day, all-expense paid trip to the beautiful country of URUGUAY!

The world has been locked down for months and our travels halted...enough is enough! Church #1 of 100 was planned to be built by a mission team from New York, but due to travel restrictions for COVID-19, the trip had to be cancelled. However, the funds have been sent by the New York Ministry Network and the national church will be moving forward with the church construction.

Each day of the virtual missions trip, you and your fellow virtual team members from across the U.S. will join together by way of a Facebook live session, to experience all the elements of a construction mission trip.  

The "NO NO's" of the Uruguay Virtual Mission Trip
  • ​NO cost to you
  • NO age limitations
  • ​NO lost time off work
  • ​NO Covid-19 screening 
  • ​NO quarantine  
  • ​NO temperature check
  • ​NO vaccinations required
  • ​NO mask needed
  • ​NO ticket to purchase
  • ​NO passport or visa necessary 
  • ​NO long airport lines  
  • ​NO immigration check points
  • ​NO travel sickness or jet lag

Trip Schedule (EST) 

Wednesday, 9/23/20

12:00 PM (EST) Worksite visit 
7:00 PM Uruguayan prayer service

Thursday, 9/24/20

12:00 PM On the job with special guest
7:00 PM Pastor Marcelo and Virginia’s Story-Part 1

Friday, 9/25/20

12:00 PM Pastor Marcelo & Virginia’s Story-Part 2 
7:00 PM Missionary family life with Laci Moore & Jill McCarthy

Saturday, 9/26/20

12:00 PM On the job with special guest
7:00 PM Cultural tour of the area
Sunday, 9/27/20
7:00 PM Church celebration service

The "Benefits" of the Uruguay Virtual Mission Trip! 

  • Experience a mission trip without the cost of traveling.
  • Experience a missions trip with your entire family while in the comfort of your home.
  • ​Experience a missions trip no matter your age without risk to anyone.
  • ​Educational virtual learning experience for everyone.
  • ​​Expose your children and grandchildren to another culture giving them an expanded worldview and deeper appreciation for what they have, while cultivating compassion towards others.

The McCarthy Family

Steve, Jill, Lucas, Josh & Julia
God’s call on their lives is evident. The national church leaders have embraced Hope for Uruguay 100 and are fully behind the vision God gave Steve and Jill. The McCarthys have gained favor with their supporting churches, their district, and Assemblies of God World Missions leadership.

New York Ministry Network

"Missionary Steve McCarthy, whom I have known for over 22 years, is a man of great integrity, perseverance and strong faith. God has given Steve and his wife Jill passionate hearts and determination to advance the kingdom of God in Uruguay through church planting. We believe, with God’s help, this vision will be completed as we all do our part."

Esther Terry, New York Ministry Network Missions Director
“In all my travels, I have witnessed no greater spiritual desert than Uruguay.” - DAVID WILKERSON, Founder of Times Square Church and Teen Challenge
Ravaged by drugs and alcohol, legalized abortion and prostitution, this atheistic nation, with a European style of socialism and the highest standard of living in South America is beginning to open up to the Gospel. The impact of Teen Challenge and greater openness to spiritual things have led to this unprecedented time to establish new churches. When a permanent building is erected, it brings HOPE to an entire community.

Church #1 - La Iglesia Encuentro con la Vida

Church #1 is in the Barrio Flor de Maroña neighborhood of Montevideo. Located across the street from the main community center and plaza, this new church will be perfectly located to make an impact in the community. Located next to the local elementary school, they host an outreach every Saturday with over 60 children. They’ve been faithful the past 3 years, meeting on the property under a tent, in the heat, rain and cold.

You and your teammates will join the community of finishers, helping 
Steve and Jill McCarthy provide a place for the people of the dark and atheistic country of Uruguay to find hope!

What does each Hope for Uruguay 100 church provide?

  • A local refuge from a harsh world
  • A safe place to belong in the community
  • Encouragement, authority, and legitimacy to the local church
  • A place for the hurting to find hope
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